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Intercoms Johannesburg

Local Intercom Services With Global Products

Intercoms Johannesburg started as a formal company in 1998 and we were lucky to start the business with a healthy feed of loyal customers who are the reason that we are still here today and we continue to provide the same services that have kept us here!

Our company made its name through the supply of hard to get intercom units that are sourced from the world’s most renowned intercom manufactures who have trained and certified our technicians to repair and install their products.

Intercom Made Exclusively For You!

Intercoms Johannesburg has been bringing the best intercom technologies a wide audience across Johannesburg. We are at the center of where things happen and we have provided hundreds if not thousands of customers with reliable intercom system at unbeatable prices!

We have been the fore runners of the intercom and door access security leaders in Johannesburg because we have always focused only on what the customer wants without trying to up sell or overcharge:

  • Trusted Intercom Installations:- Our installations services come with a one year free repair service that is a peace of mind that our intercom installation techniques are tried and tested to last a long time!
  • Same Day Intercom Repairs:- At Intercoms Johannesburg our engineers will get your intercom working again as soon as possible. We respond quickly to your calls and we will confirm a technician at your location within a few minutes!
  • Intercom Maintenance:- Most of our intercom systems do not require expensive maintenance contracts, we believe that once-off repair services will be enough and as our customer we will make sure you payless for your replacement parts.

Intercoms Johannesburg is looking forward to a bright future with our loyal staff members who have been with us for many years and some for more than 20 years, we have evolved into a family now!

Looking to learn more about intercoms? Intercoms Johannesburg has dedicated staff members who will ensure that all your questions do not go unanswered! Give a ring when you are ready to install your intercom system!