Commax intercom Johannesburg

Want to control your door from your mobile phone? Intercom Johannesburg offers you highly sort after mobile intercom systems that will cater for your door access needs when you are in and out!

Smartphone Commax intercom Johannesburg
Smartphone Commax intercom Johannesburg

At Commax intercom Johannesburg we know the idea of controlling your door from the comfort of your mobile or Smartphone seems like an expensive luxury until you actually find our how it costs to install a mobile intercom system within less than an hour!

Looking to install a wireless intercom system?

Want more control over your gates and doors?

At Commax intercom Johannesburg we will provide you with the whole wireless package and our technicians will be happy to help you get to know how to use your new systems and manuals for free!

Are you in control of your gates and doors? Why not get a wireless intercome?

Hands-free Commax intercom Johannesburg
Hands-free Commax intercom Johannesburg

At Commax intercom Johannesburg our wireless systems also come with handsets that can be used in the house and these systems come with virtually no maintenance costs except for technical upgrades and features!

Our Intercoms services include:

  • Intercom Supplies
  • Intercom Installations
  • Intercom Repairs
  • Intercom Inspections
  • Door Access Automation
  • Intercoms Upgrades
  • Intercoms Maintenance
  • 24/7 Emergency Services

At Commax intercom Johannesburg we look forward to hearing from you, please feel free to get in touch through any of our communication portals. We will provide you with professional and cost-effective intercom systems!