Intercoms Johannesburg Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Aiphone Intercom so expensive?

That is because it is designed and built to come with a lot of functionality and it is one of a few intercom systems that uses the least amount of cables and it has been voted as one of the most reliable systems.

What do you recommend for the best intercom picture quality?

For the best Video entry picture quality we recommend using a coax and multicore cable is run that is a 10 pair TB or similar cables!

What are the features for the Video entry intercom systems?

Besides being able to clearly see who is knocking on your door or gate these are some of the features we found interesting:

  • Suitable for Homes and Businesses
  • Various Call Configurations
  • Built For Tough Environments
  • Lasts Under Heavy Use
  • Protective Layer
  • Easily Repaired Buttons
  • Programming Options
  • Vandal Resistant

Does your guarantee really cover all repairs for one year?

Yes, we provide free repair services for a year after we have installed your intercom system and it will also be based on the type of repair as a stolen intercom system does not count as a repair job!